Engagement Photography Ideas


Every amazing wedding deserves equally amazing photography to ensure memories are never forgotten long after the I Do‘s. More and more, couples are recognizing the important role engagement photography plays in the memories being captured and are therefore opting to include engagement sessions in their wedding plans. Unlike the pressure of a wedding day, an engagement session is experienced privately by the bride and groom.


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Therefore, your engagement photography ideas should result in images that capture the true personalities and style of the couple being photographed. Since there is a good possibility that couples have not worked with a professional photographer prior to their wedding, it is natural for them to feel a bit anxious about having their picture taken the day of their wedding when all eyes will certainly be on them. So it is highly recommended that couples take advantage of an engagement session so they can become more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

Incorporate Props

Bring along elements of your personalities and relationship that will allow you to have some fun. Examples could include riding bikes, blowing bubbles, playing Frisbee, your favorite book, flowers, etc.  Engagement photography has become more stylish over the years. Instead of taking pictures in a photography studio where the couple is typically staged in front of a backdrop, more couples are choosing to take their engagement pictures in locations that are familiar, fun, and even romantic for them. Today’s engagement sessions are all about capturing the couple in the most natural ways possible, concentrating mostly around their personalities and allowing their love story to be told through pictures. No need to settle for the traditional, bland and ordinary approach to your engagement photography.  Below I offer ideas to help you explore the possibilities to show your true colors as a couple for your engagement session.

Romantic Picnic

 A simple picnic in the park on your favorite blanket, or even popping the cork on a bottle of champagne on the beach; an awesome way to kick back and relax.

Where Did You Meet?

Go back in time to that place where it all began! Was it a movie theater, favorite hang out, restaurant, or neighborhood coffee shop! All locations add even more meaning to your engagement photography.

Your Favorite Things

What about a location at which you both enjoy spending time? Is there a special park in which you like to take evening walks? Think about those things that express your uniqueness as a couple.

Are You A Sports Fan?

Bring along your favorite team jersey for a fun session that shows off your fan-demonium!

Out On The Town!

Incorporate the city skyline, or metro area at dusk to add a little flavor to your session. City landmarks, museums, urban areas are all great backdrops.

Puppy Love

Your pets are family too, so why not include them in your session?



Is there a carnival in town? Then head over and capture some fun shots on the carnival rides, eating cotton candy, or sharing a candy apple! A carnival is limitless for the possibility of capturing a lot of great images.

Movie Inspired

Use your favorite movie as inspiration for your session. Play dress up; find the perfect location and add the lights, camera, action!

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Ready For Your Close Up

It’s a great idea to schedule your makeup trial on the day of your engagement session. By doing so, your makeup is professionally applied to ensure you photograph at your best and you get an idea of what your experience will be like with your makeup artist the day of your wedding.

Like anything else for your wedding, your engagement photography must be planned. Photographers who are experienced with engagement sessions know the key to a successful shoot depends on advanced preparation. No matter where you choose to take your pictures, it is important that you select a photographer who is up to the challenge of handling any location and concept so they can bring out the best in you for the camera. The time spent with the photographer during the engagement session is also a great way to build a personal connection and relationship built on trust. Collaborating with your photographer in advance builds your confidence about what to expect during your engagement session.

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