How to Make a Wedding Plan

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and requires a great deal of patience as you work through what sometimes feels like a never-ending list of tasks. You need a strategy to help you stay on track and maintain your focus in the midst of the excitement. As a Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, most of my energy is spent on creating a plan to help implement a client’s wedding vision. My most successful weddings have been those that engage me in the planning details early so I can think through everything that must be done and create a strategy to help with the transition from one task to the next. I know the challenge you will face putting your own plan together, so I want to help ease you into the process with three simple tips for how to make a wedding plan.


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Tip #1

Know what you want

The first and most important step in knowing how to make a wedding plan is to have a clear vision about what you want for your wedding. You can’t build a solid plan for your wedding on a rocky foundation.  So, be certain not to skip the important stages of visualizing your wedding and setting your budget.  They will help shape your ideas and give clear direction for your plan.

Tip #2

Document all your tasks

Organization is another key step in knowing how to make a wedding plan. A formal project plan will help you keep track of your details. You can either invest in any number of wedding planning software programs available on the market or you can use Microsoft project, Excel, or good old fashioned pen and paper to document your ‘to do’ items.

[sws_divider_small_padding]Whatever you choose should be comfortable and easy for you to use. And don’t forget, planning a wedding is a team effort between you and your hubby-to-be. So don’t be afraid to assign your future husband responsibility for a few tasks and anyone else you trust to get the job done.

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Tip #3

Manage tasks through completion

With your ‘to do’ tasks clearly documented, you will have an easier time of managing their completion once you know how to make a wedding plan. A calendar is an important tool in helping you to assign realistic due dates and keep up with progress that is made as you attempt to check things off your list. Vendor payments are especially important, as many will require partial or full payment before service is rendered for the wedding. Reviewing your contracts in advance and managing payment terms of each vendor is important as many charge late penalties you will certainly want to avoid.


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It is easy to become distracted at different stages of the planning process, but the strategy you define upfront is your road map to success. When documented, your plan provides clear direction for you to follow during times of uncertainty and keeps you from straying away from the work you must do. Your reward for your efforts will be the joy you will feel when all your plans come together on your wedding day. 

For more tips on how to make a wedding plan, send an email to Thank you for joining me. Until next time, happy planning!

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